Salmon with Sauvignon Blanc Cream Sauce

Wine Match: Bladen Sauvignon Blanc
4 Salmon fillets. Skin on, boned.
1 large onion (chopped)
½ bottle of Bladen Sauvignon Blanc (plus 1 glass for the cook!)
300mls cream
2 tsps. Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
To prepare sauce: 
  • Simmer together Sauvignon Blanc and onion. Reduce this to just less than a cup of liquid. 
  • Strain and press the onions to recover as much liquid as possible. 
  • Discard onion. 
  • Place wine liquid and cream into sauté pan and boil to reduce to a creamy sauce consistency.  
  • Stir in mustard along with lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste 
To prepare salmon:
  • Season the flesh side of the fillets well with salt and pepper.
  • Place skin side down in a preheated, hot skillet to sear skin to crispy.
  • Turn and brown flesh side to just cooked. 
To serve: 
  • Place salmon on top of blanched beans and salad   
  • Drizzle a little sauce over the salmon. 
  • Garnish with dill or capers. 
  • Accompany with a glass of the remaining Bladen Sauvignon Blanc.
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