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Our Family



Finance, Distribution & Boss

The "get things done" kinda guy who leads from the front to inspire and motivate our family to create the wine we are so proud to share. Planting a vineyard was a trial by fire decision that he embraced and thrived on. Focusing on planting varieties that he and Chris were passionate about, Dave absorbed information and knowledge from friends, neighbours and industry professionals. Over time, he has passed this knowledge of the land down to Blair. 
Dave's passion for music is famous for getting people dancing and creating memories around the dinner table. 
Dave's fav wine pairing: Rosé with anything.



Sales, Logistic & Exports

Most call her Chris, close call her Chrissy but Mr. Pat Mac just calls her Issy. Upon realizing the wide world of wine, Chris had a dream to watch the sunset over their own vineyard with a platter and a glass of wine that she and Dave had worked so hard for - built from the soil up - maximizing the reward for such efforts. In striving for this dream, Bladen have keep focus on beautiful, low yielding crops that transpire into elegant wine.  Her soul really shines in the kitchen where she has been feeding our family and friends with masterpieces and pairing them with beautiful wine. 
Chris' fav wine pairing: A soft blue and Gewürztraminer. 


Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 11.16.00 AM.png

Viticulture, Cellar & Tech  

Blair has passion for sunshine, music and all things boozy - a quintessential Marlburian. Blair was only a year old on his first day in the vineyard. He wasn’t even as tall as the fruiting wire - perfect for bud rubbing! 30 something years down the track and he is tending the same vines his Mum and Dad planted when they were the same age. His own son, Mr Pat Mac is a year old now and getting ready for bud rubbing season - full circle! Like Deni, he also felt the need to explore the wider world, in particular the recording industry. 8 years of work in studio and live sound successfully quenched his thirst for his creative passion but also helped him realise his desire to be working outside and helping continue the dream that his folks started.  Returning home, Blair looks after the vineyard and enjoys giving our winemaker a hand if he wants it. We like to call his role “Vine to Bottle”. 
Blair's fav wine pairing: Eight Rows Rieslings with local Blue Cod & Chips.



Marketing, Relations & Cellar

The one with the eye for detail. Deni’s drive and determination has obviously been passed down to her from Mum and Dad and that has allowed her to travel the world with her passion and profession - photography. She has spent most of her 20’s working and thriving in London, Paris, Singapore and across the UAE with a home base in the vibrant Dubai. The rest of us knew she would eventually make her way home, we just had to wait patiently. In 2020 our wish came true - Deni came home and now we get to relish in and absorb her laughter, creativity and excitement for all things fun.  We’ve labelled Deni’s role as “Bottle to Glass”. She’s the boss in our Cellar Door, runs tastings at Wine Clubs around the country and markets our wine across the internet and abroad. Her friendly, creative take on wine and visual art is an absolute asset and a great representation of our dream. After all, our dream is what we are trying to share with you. 

Den's fav wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc with a perfect summer afternoon. 

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